Celebrating good times together

New merchandise

Co-organized by 12 Clubs

This is the first time ever that a cross-cluster initiative has been organized by Arts x Makers. We have an exciting lineup of activities and merchandise for you on 27th February 2019, the day between Valentines & White Day.

Delicious Food

Lick your fingers together!



Can't get enough of that tasty martabak pancake last year? It's back again! This time, you can even pre-order the amount that you want beforehand. While stocks last!

Coming soon on Week 3.


I wonder what this is?

Walk-in only.

Customizable Crafts

Can't decide what kind of gift to give to your peers or lovely gf during this special occassion? Fear not! Professional local clubs in designing services are available this season to help you out! P.S. The rates are way cheaper than outside :)

Other Crafts

These crafts are also hand-made by your own peers, but no pre-ordering required!

Origami Roses

by NihonGo! Japanese Cultural Club

Ever thought that flowers are pretty but their beauty is fleeting? With NihonGo!, now you will be able to learn to make roses that will stay beautiful for as long as you take care of them! A great gift for anyone you care about.

Free of charge :)

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Gives great satisfaction when clicking it.

Only walk-in purchase.


Have lots of fun with team-based games!

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